Why Iron?

The Contemporary Iron Art community is a peculiar crowd. Each of us is drawn in for our own reason. Here we ask and answer a simple question with no single answer, “Why Iron?”. Each answer is from a different artist or crafts person with their own special connection to the world of Contemporary Iron Art.

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Katie Hovencamp, Visual Artist

When choosing a material to work in I have to heavily consider the history of the material, the physicality, and the aesthetic. Iron is a dark metal that maintains many earthly qualities. It is strong, heavy, and has many functional purposes in industry. It was also used in armour, weaponry, and it was used to contain objects in the form of vessels. In my work I am interested in questioning women’s roles in society and I use iron to talk about issues of burden and empowerment that women face. I often cast pieces that are associated with women or domestic roles to talk about these issues.