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Sand Moulding Workshop

Date: Saturday, May 4th 2024
Location: Art Aggregate, 637 Parkdale Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 5Z1

Maximum 10 people/workshop
Objects to be moulded should be made out of hard surfaces materials because you do not want
to be picking sand out of your wax positive. Simple shapes are recommended. Think, could I make a simple plaster piece mould of my object? If not then leave that object at home and
bring another. For the sand mould is a simple mould but with material complications.
Please keep in mind that one cubic foot (.028 cubic meter) of sand weights 100lbs (45.36 kilos) and you will be responsible for moving it. There is an option to store the mould at Art Aggregate until the June 8th pour. You can also take the mould home and store it in a dry /cool location. The basic amount of sand you need to be around your object is about 3” (10.16 cm).

The size of the piece/object to be moulded should be around the size of your head give or take.

The Schedule: 

– Saturday, May 4th (morning)
With the assistance of a few of our members, you will design and build a wooden flask (cope
and drag) that will allow you to cast your positive object into metal.

9am – 12pm, Saturday morning:
• Introduction
• check feasibility of work to be cast
• design flask – mould board, cope and drag • create a cut list
• fabricate your flask

12:30 – 6pm, Saturday afternoon:

• prepare for placing positive in drag
• create partition lines on object
• mix sand- place sand, inject CO2
• flip – dust – place cope
• mix – place sand, inject CO2
• dismantle/clean

With the assistance of our members you will place your object in your flask and mix and place
sand around it.

The moulding sand consists of foundry sand, mixed with sodium silicate which has a long
working time and is set by infusing CO2 gas into the sand.

Cost: $180 – paid through the CSCIA ( website (for non-members). Which includes:
• membership in CSCIA until the June Pour
• the mould poured in iron at the 8 June event

• 100lbs mixed sand
• wood for wooden flask

How to register: Please ensure you’ve completed the Google Form. When the form has closed, please use this link to complete your purchase. You will be sent an email confirmation once this has been completed!

We look forward to seeing you!

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